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CORRE CABALLO CORRE is Fundación Televisa’s amazing horses collection of images curated by Alfonso Morales for Museo San Idelfonso and XX Festival de México en el Centro Histórico in Mexico City. Joseph Beuys, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Gilbert & George, Víctor Casasola, Hernán Corona, Manuel Ramos, Gabriel Figueroa, are just a few of the photographers of […]

This project was made in enjoyable collaboration with Cristina Faesler, Mateo Holmes and Amanda Holmes in the year 2000…. after winning a small and selected competition organized by the coordination of the Mexican Pavilion designed by Ricardo Legorreta. Here we managed to navigate threw a world of sustainability and new technologies where the final results […]



These are some of the designs for working surfaces in the home and office. 2003-2005 Very different, except for one thing: always searching for new possibilities around the same opportunities.

Home interiors and architecture details I designed for architect Mauricio Rocha in a southern getaway home in Mexico. The simple and open house required warm elements that complemented its function: windows, doors, hand bars, lighting, and wooden pergolas for the outdoors. For the furniture everything was custom made and specially treated for the 40°C heat.



This is what I call learning about something never known before. I must admit that my taboo with sex shops, one I never resolved until this commission started, changed completely.  Now…. I definitely recommend that everyone should get into these stores and ask the attendants to walk you around inside (like a museum guide) and […]

In the beginning, the creation of a mural for the “Casino de la Selva” hotel in Cuernavaca, Morelos was proposed, whose main theme would be the history of mankind. “Polyforum Siqueiros” is a museum in itself. The 12 exterior panels of the building and the 2,400 square m. of the mural paintings of “The March […]

After almost 70 years in power, the PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional) represented a line of corruption, social abuse, centralized economy and poverty. But when the Mexican population participated in the new democracy of 1999 and changed the presidential government, we all believed that things would be different. The new office commissioned 5 well known designers […]