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These are some of the designs for working surfaces in the home and office. 2003-2005 Very different, except for one thing: always searching for new possibilities around the same opportunities. Anuncios

After almost 70 years in power, the PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional) represented a line of corruption, social abuse, centralized economy and poverty. But when the Mexican population participated in the new democracy of 1999 and changed the presidential government, we all believed that things would be different. The new office commissioned 5 well known designers […]



Always have it inside….

First furniture line designed for export, TIZA was trying to confront high-end Mexican hand labor vs. high technological machinery from Europe, also selling in NY. The presentation in ICFF 1998 ( most important furniture exhibit in the US in terms of contemporary design) of 7 different home elements in a new Mexican proposal, had big […]

In the search for a designer identity, and after the early years of cultural influence, in 1995 the process of design made a dramatic turn towards my 60’s childhood.   And I loved it!!! 1995 to 1998

Designed for a media analyst, this desk is a good option for those freelancers that have a sleek home office. 1994

Art and design together again… in a top art promoter office. 1993 A workstation that looks like a desk. A workstation that looks like a workstation. A bookshelf element that gives proportion under 5mt ceilings, in a 80 year old house. Two onyx lamps glare a soft light atmosphere. This coat hanger is made with […]